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Apex Humans: Soumyajit Pathak

Apex Humans

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Who is Soumyajit and what does he do?

My name is Soumyajit Pathak. I am from India, currently living in Gurugram, just outside the capital city of Delhi. I am a Software Developer by profession but a gamer at heart. It’s my responsibility to make Apex systems look and work good at all times – in nerd words – I work on the front end of our applications.

What gets you out of bed and going in the morning?

Knowing that I am building solutions for a living that are used by a ton of users to get stuff done in their personal and work life. This aspect has been the thing that gets me going for a long time. It is the reason I keep saying I would have been a developer even if no one paid me for it – I love the challenging but rewarding problem-solving element of my work.

Soumyajit Pathak working from home in India

Where would we find you when you’re not developing?

I am one of those who would be writing code even if they were not paid to do so. But when I am not writing code, you can find me cooking, playing games, or watching videos of good old Manchester United glory days on YouTube.

How did you find your way to Apex?

I came to know about Apex from Rhett Trickett – I have known and worked with him on multiple projects for a few years now. When I came to the point of being ready for a change, I reached out to him to see if he knew of anyone hiring where I might be a good fit. He told me about Apex, what it was, and what the organisation aimed for. I decided to jump in headfirst.

How would you describe the Apex team culture?

The team culture is very positive and respectful. Although the company has grown since I joined, I have always preferred working in smaller tight-knit teams and that’s what I get here even though I work fully remote.

Tell us a bit more about your gaming background and some of the games you enjoy playing?

Well, I used to take part in competitive gaming and participate in eSports tournaments when I was in school. But that was quite long back. My games of choice were League of Legends and Counter-Strike 1.6. Nowadays I usually play games for leisure, mostly the latest single-player releases. Being a big football fan makes FIFA or Football Manager obvious choices. I also enjoy small indie games from time to time just to relax. I’ve always wanted to do game development so I do try out a lot of games, trying to learn innovative game mechanics, plots or gameplay ideas. My affinity for gaming definitely influences the way I approach my work.

In your onboarding call, we hosted a quiz where our Apex Humans got to learn more about you and vice-versa. What was the most surprising/interesting fact that you learnt about South Africa?

That was a lekker quiz! It helped me to learn a few SA slang words and phrases. I remember being surprised by the number of official languages. In India, we have so many regional languages but only two official languages at the national level. So it felt familiar and different at the same time.

Did you have experience building similar systems for other organisations before joining the Apex team?

Before Apex, I was building applications in the Enterprise Resource Planning industry and B2B financial applications. Even though technically the space is quite different from what we do at Apex, the core principles remain the same. We want to build scalable and stable solutions for our customers that provide real-world value.

Which do you prefer and why? Front-end, back-end, or DevOps?

Definitely Front-end development, I have experience working across the stack – Front-end, Back-end and DevOps but I prefer the Front-end because it is what the users interact with. The feedback loop in the development cycle is much tighter in the Front-end.

Listen to Soumyajit’s ‘JavaScript Story’

What would your advice be to someone attempting to join the software engineering space?

Getting started isn’t that tough, you don’t have to join a college or even attend boot camps. Build stuff consistently. Start small but try to build apps, games or whatever you like. Build as much as you can because that broadens your understanding of how things are created. It also allows you to build better and more advanced or complex applications in the future. Nowadays, there are a lot of tutorials, courses and learning material available on the internet to pick up and learn. The key is to know that just going through these tutorials will not do much on their own, to truly learn you will need to get your hands dirty and build something on your own. Even if it’s a simple to-do list app.

What do you find most rewarding about working with Apex?

Our solutions at Apex allow businesses to reach their customers and serve them better. I think that’s one of the best ways to have an exponential business impact because not only are you helping your direct customers but also the end-users of your customer’s products/services.

Last but certianly not least, describe Apex in one sentence:


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