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6 Ways to Improve Customer Support with Live Chat

Modern customers don’t have the time or patience to wait on hold while a jingle plays in their ear; increasing their frustration and ensuring customer support agents are met with annoyance. Live chat customer engagement solutions can alleviate this frustration.

Chat-based engagement solutions allow businesses to chat with customers in real-time on the channel they are using. What is stopping businesses from moving their primary support channels to text-based engagements? They lack a single unified dashboard for all their customer engagements. Live chat platforms bridge the gap between traditional call centres via telephone and instant chat-based customer support:

  • Quick replies
  • Improved conversation context
  • Chat across channels
  • Optimise agent performance
  • Chat to multiple customers at the same time
  • Allow customers to respond when they want to

Live Chat Quick Replies

Most businesses present a list of common customer questions in the form of FAQ sections on their websites. However, these sections often are challenging to navigate. This means that users struggle to find the question they need the answer for.

Quick replies are modules that live agents can quickly add to messages at the click of a button. Do your customers often ask what your opening times are? Save your trading hours into a quick reply message module.

Improved Conversation Context

Customers hate having to repeat themselves by asking the same questions to different representatives from one company. How does a new agent know if this is the first time a customer has engaged their company or whether the customer is waiting for feedback?

Live chat platforms that allow customer segmentation and tagging which makes transferring customers to supervisors or to a completely different department easy to do.

Accessing contextual and relevant information such as chat history, sentiment, preferred engagement channels, account type, and other pertinent information can prove invaluable.

Chat Across Channels

Live chat solutions allow Customer support to use a unified dashboard to chat to customers on whichever channel they’ve come through.

Modern customers expect brands to be reachable via multiple channels including their social media pages and company website. Live chat platforms enable a consistent and connected experience irrespective of channel.

Companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to the customer retention rate of 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement.

Businesses should be able to continue a WhatsApp chat on Facebook or follow a web chat conversation on Telegram. Providing this seamless experience to customers seeking support will increase transparency, trust, and affinity.

Optimise Efficiency Using Live Chat Data

Collecting customer data is important but so is collecting data on how your customer service team is performing.

The only way to improve the performance of customer support agents is to use this data. Examples of useful data include average query resolution times, how long it takes your customer support agents to make the first response to customers, and how many customer conversations each agent is handling every month.

Identifying these customer pain points will be critical to delivering the best customer service possible and live chat platforms enable this process in a big way.

Your customers will thank you, and so will your customer support agents.

Here are 10 Customer Service & You Must Track by Hubspot.

Chat to Multiple Customers At The Same Time

The most useful application of live chat platforms is the ability to chat with multiple customers at once. Traditional call centres allow support agents to chat to one customer at a time, creating service bottlenecks and frustrated customers.

Apex customer, King Price, was able to greatly improve their customer service by implementing live chat features on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Let Customers Respond When They Want To

Traditional call centres work by allowing customers to call in and speak to a representative. Often these representatives are unavailable to answer the customer’s call because they are engaged in another call. When the agent attempts to contact the customer, the customer then doesn’t answer the call.

This issue is commonplace in most call centres and can lead to frustration for both the customer and support agents. Live chat platforms negate this by allowing agents to handle multiple queries at once and allowing customers to respond when convenient for them.

Customer support can be dynamic, engaging, and convenient when using live chat platforms.

Live chat platforms possess many business benefits that make them an obvious choice to implement over traditional customer support call centres. But there are other benefits such as the ability for companies to hire support agents from anywhere in the world. Many companies have now adopted either a fully remote or hybrid working approach. By using web-based live chat solutions, support agents can work from home or their nearest coffee shop.

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